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About This Database

The Texas Birth database is comprised of entries from 1926-1995 displayed in straight text form (using robust-SQL) and 1996 on displayed in graphic presentation form.

For Premium Search Members, selecting this database link will cause the following data entry form to appear:

The Searcher may enter data into any one or all fields, however it is recommended that only one be used. In the event that the potential results are impracticably long (eg. Last_Name="Smith") then other field entries can be sparingly used.

To facilitate search flexibility, a wildcard "%", may be used and is recommended especially where the name spellings are uncertain. So, as an example entering "mary%" in the "First_Name" field would yield all births for a given year having first names with beginning letters "mary" (eg. mary, maryjane, maryann. . )

Non-Members are restricted to only Last_Name (or Surname) entries in their searches.

Search Results:
Both Members and non-Members will attain identical search results parameters however.

In Texas, birth records do not become open public records until they are fifty years old. Indexes for open records years are referred to as general indexes, and indexes for years which are not yet open to the public are called summary indexes. Those fields tagged "g" are applicable to general index years only.

Each search entry and results has 14 associated fields; Last_Name, First_Name, Middle_Name, Birth_Month, Birth_Day, Birth_Year, Sex, Birth_County, Mother_First_Name, Mother_Middle_Name, Mother_Last_Name, Fathers_First_Name, Fathers_Middle_Name, Fathers_Last_Name.

Field Specifications:

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Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 (from Ancestry.com)

This database is an index to over 15 million births recorded in the State of Texas, USA, between 1903 and 1997. Information available in this index includes: child's name, sex, birth date, and birth county. Some records may also include: names of both parents.